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Our services allow health professionals to collaborate, guide, listen, and learn in their fields through live and recorded video, the most powerful story-telling tool on earth.
We do this with leading-edge video hardware and software bringing live, recorded, and enhanced video to the medical profession.

  • Roger Ramirez

    Founder & CEO

    Roger was born in Mexico City, Mexico. Immigrated to the USA in 1993. Attending University of Houston for music performance and an additional 11 years of experience in medical education production, quickly discovered a passion for live streaming. Founder of R&R Studio, Houston’s first online music venue.

  • Brandi Peace

    Founder & COO

    Brandi is a project manager professional with over 16 years of experience in project management, medical education, clinical & medical research, credentialing, and healthcare regulatory compliance. Formally, a clinical background as a CST and RFA. Brandi is proud to embark on this journey in helping level the access for everyone to high quality medical and surgical education.

  • Jimmy McClure

    Founder & CFO

    Jimmy has over 24 years of finance, investment, and strategy development experience. Prior to joining the R&R Medical team, he spent 20 years in real estate and business development. Jimmy spent his early professional years as an IT consultant and is currently a central figure in the development of the online video platform. He holds a BSc in Biology from Texas A&M and has a passion for improving healthcare development through advanced educational technology.

  • Michael Kueht

    Founder & CMO

    Michael Kueht is a surgeon in Galveston, TX specializing in hepatobiliary surgery and liver, kidney, and pancreas transplantation. A clinician and educator, he is constantly seeking out innovative ways to more effectively implement and teach the art and science of medicine and surgery. In addition to hanging out with his beautiful family, he likes tacos and taking Bennet, his golden retriever, to the beach.

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